Health Highlights: July 2, 2021

Here's some of HealthDay's top storiesfor Friday, July 2:

How much should you worry about the Delta variant? Aparticularly fast-spreading COVID-19 variant out of India has health authorities in places like Los Angeles advising a return to indoor masking. Experts agree that while the fully vaccinated have little to fear from Delta, that's not true for the unvaccinated. Read more

A bipartisan move to rein in surprise medical bills. Legislation first put forward in the Trump era to give consumers more protection against sometimes devastating surprise medical bills is getting an added push from the Biden Administration. Patient advocates are supporting the package.Read more

Beware the big bang. Think physical injuries are the only hazard from July 4 fireworks? Experts in ear health warn that many Americans lose their hearing every year after standing too close to backyard fireworks. Read more

Racial disparity narrows for breast cancer outcomes. Black American women have long had poorer outcomes after a breast cancer diagnosis than their white peers. New research shows this disparity has shrunk somewhat over time, but is still worrisome. Read more

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