Health Highlights: July 8, 2021

Here's some of HealthDay's top storiesfor Thursday, July 8:

Global coronavirus death toll surpasses 4 million. The World Health Organization on Wednesday announced another grim milestone in the pandemic: Over 4 million dead worldwide. Experts warned that with the fast-spreading Delta variant, many countries may be re-opening too soon.Read more

Autism and alcohol, drug abuse can be hazardous mix. New research shows that adults with autism are less likely to get involved with substance abuse. But many of those who do may 'self-medicate' and go too far. Read more

Death toll from climate change is already high. Extreme heat has always been a threat to human health, but new research finds global warming is to blame for an extra 5 million deaths worldwide per year.Read more

Tracing spirituality's pathways within the brain. The impulse to religiosity and spirituality is intrinsic to humans, and research in people with specific brain lesions is revealing 'circuitry' underlying those traits.Read more

Is a mindfulness program at school a remedy for sleepy kids? Restful sleep is crucial to kids' academic performance, but even young children can be sleep-deprived. New research finds school-based 'mindfulness' training may give kids more than an hour's extra sleep per night. Read more

U.S. deaths from cancer continue to decline. Steep drops in deaths to Americans from lung and skin cancers are driving a continued decline in cancer fatalities overall, a new report finds. But progress against two key cancers -- breast and colon -- is slowing. Read more

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