Health Highlights: Aug. 10, 2021

Here's some of HealthDay's top storiesfor Tuesday, Aug. 10:

'Ultraprocessed' food a growing part of U.S. kids' diets. Pizza pockets, potato chips, sodas and chicken strips: These often unhealthy foods now comprise two-thirds of the average American child's daily calories, new research shows. That bodes ill for rates of pediatric obesity and overall health, nutritionists say. Read more

CDC cites 4th U.S. case of rare tropical disease. A fatal case in Georgia brings to four the number of U.S. cases of melioidosis, a serious bacterial illness usually only found in tropical Asia. The other three cases (including another fatality) occurred in Kansas, Minnesota and Texas, the CDC said. Read more

Colonoscopy? Be sure to remove all suspicious polyps. Excision of polyps is part of any thorough colonoscopy. And a new study finds colon cancer risks rise if polyp removal isn't complete. Read more

U.S. military must be vaccinated by mid-September. With U.S. COVID cases still rising, the Pentagon announced Monday that all members of the military need to get their shots by Sept. 15 or when full FDA approval of the vaccine arrives, whichever comes first. Read more

Diet key to health when battling diabetes. Another study finds the value of switching to a diet heavy in fiber, fruits and vegetables -- called a 'low glycemic' regimen -- for people struggling with diabetes. Doing so could help keep blood sugar and heart disease under control. Read more

Pre-surgery COVID precautions may backfire. Since the pandemic began, many surgeons have advised that patients isolate to avoid COVID-19 before a procedure. But a new study ties the protocol to worse, not better outcomes for patients.Read more

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