Health Highlights: Aug. 26, 2021

Here are some of HealthDay's top storiesfor Thursday, Aug. 26:

Could electrode pulses ease back pain without drugs? There's potentially good news for those suffering back pain: In a small study, implanting electrodes near the spinal cord to stimulate it with electrical pulses greatly reduced the discomfort. Read more

Smart phones, watches can interfere with implanted pacemakers. Millions of Americans have an implanted pacemaker or defibrillator, and new research suggests that smart phones or watches might trigger device dysfunction if placed very near.Read more

Moderna submits data for full approval of COVID vaccine. Coming soon after full approval of the Pfizer vaccine, Moderna says it has now submitted relevant data for approval of its own two-dose vaccine. Pfizer is also submitting data for approval of a booster shot, the company said. Read more

You're vaccinated and get a 'breakthrough' case of COVID: What next? As tens of millions of Americans get their shots and the Delta variant makes infection more likely, 'breakthrough' cases in the vaccinated are inevitable. Experts offer guidance if breakthrough infection happens to you. Read more

College is more stressful for girls. With a college term like no other underway, new research shows that young women may be especially stressed trying to balance academics and relationships -- with COVID an added worry.Read more

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