Health Highlights, Sept. 29, 2021

Side effects of Pfizer booster shots are no different than with first two doses: The reassuring report comes as millions of Americans sign up for their third dose of the vaccine.Read more

Epidurals do not raise autism risk: Two new studies found no link, and experts say moms-to-be can relax. Read more

New tests for colon, prostate cancer show promise: In a pair of studies, just a sample of blood or saliva helped doctors detect early disease. Read more

More pregnant women turned to pot during the pandemic: A new study finds a 25% increase in marijuana use among moms-to-be, even though it poses dangers to their babies.Read more

Who has the hardest time controlling their high blood pressure? Roughly a third of Americans who are on medications still struggle with keeping their blood pressure under control, and younger men and older women are particularly vulnerable, researchers warn.Read more

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