Health Highlights: Oct. 12, 2021

Expert panel back offs on recommendation for aspirin to fight heart disease. For decades, millions of American have dutifully popped a 'baby' aspirin each day to ward off heart attack and stroke. But a review of the latest data suggests that for many, the risks of daily aspirin may outweigh any benefit. Read more

Acupuncture during a knee replacement might ease post-op pain. Each year, millions of Americans deal with post-surgical pain after the procedure. But performing acupuncture during the operation might lessen that discomfort, new research shows. Read more

After free cancer screens, follow-up tests are often too expensive. The Affordable Care Act made mammograms, colonoscopies and other cancer screens free to Americans. But a new report finds that many people can't afford pricey follow-up tests if their screening brings a troubling result. Read more

An anti-nausea drug appears tied to better cancer outcomes for some. Many cancer patients take the drug dexamethasone to ease nausea after surgery. New research shows that, for some, use of the medicine seems tied to better survival. Read more

Six in 10 Americans will skip or delay a flu shot this year. Experts are warning that Americans' resistance to influenza may be waning because the disease was a no-show last season. That's why it's troubling that 60% of respondents in a new poll said they may not get vaccinated this season. Read more

Merck applies for emergency use approval of first COVID antiviral pill. Merck's molnupiravir is the first antiviral medicine designed specifically to fend off the virus that causes COVID-19, and its relative ease of use and low price could make it a game changer in the pandemic, experts say. Read more

Golf cart injuries in kids are on the rise. Golf carts aren't just for the putting green anymore, and a new report finds thousands of children -- half under the age of 12 -- are suffering sometimes serious injuries from the vehicles. Read more

Grocery store surfaces largely safe from COVID-19. Canadian researchers conducted tests of grocery cart handles, checkout conveyor belts and other in-store surfaces and found they were a low risk for contamination with SARS-CoV-2.Read more

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