Health Highlights: Nov. 22, 2021

Delta variant raises chances of stillbirth, death during pregnancy: New reports found pregnant women were more vulnerable to having stillbirths or dying as the highly contagious Delta variant spread across the country. Read more

Many psychiatric patients getting risky drug "off-label": Most prescriptions for gabapentin, approved for treating seizures and severe nerve pain, are for unapproved uses. And many patients end up taking it along with drugs that can prompt potentially dangerous interactions, a new study finds.Read more

A shortage of gratitude during Thanksgiving? As the holiday approaches, a new poll shows that 4 of 5 parents feel their children aren't as thankful as they should be, and half worry that they spoil their kids. Read more

Immune-suppressing drugs not as risky for severe COVID as thought: Hospitalized COVID-19 patients who take medications that suppress their immune system aren't in any more danger than those with normal immune systems, a new study finds. Read more

During spinal surgery, blood pressure control critical: Keeping it not too high and not too low may improve patients' outcomes, a new study suggests. Read more

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