Health Highlights: Nov. 23, 2021

Do you really need an opioid after knee surgery? After ACL surgery, non-opioid options such as Advil, Tylenol and muscle relaxers appear to offer the same degree of pain control to patients as addictive prescription opioids, new research finds.Read more

Years of blood thinners after stenting probably aren't necessary. Folks who've had a clogged artery reopened probably can stop taking blood thinners far sooner than previously thought, a new study argues.Read more

'Active grandparent' theory suggests humans evolved to exercise in old age. The new evolutionary insights show why staying active can protect against heart disease and other serious health problems, researchers at Harvard say. Read more

COVID-19 cases ticking upward again across United States. There's been an 18% increase in the United States' seven-day average of reported coronavirus infections, and a 6% increase in the seven-day average of COVID-19 hospitalizations, federal health data shows. Read more

More dollars to boost health care worker supply. U.S.Vice President Kamala Harris announced Monday that the Biden administration is investing $1.5 billion from the coronavirus aid package to address the shortfall in workers in underserved communities. Read more

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