Health Highlights: Nov. 29, 2021

What experts know about the Omicron variant. After news broke on Thursday that a fast-spreading variant contained mutations that possibly make it resistant to vaccines, scientists urged caution and patience until more data arrives. Read moreRead more

Your plant-based diet could help the planet. People can shrink their personal carbon footprint by eating less red meat, nibbling fewer sweets and cutting back on tea, coffee and booze, new research shows. Read more

Vaccine makers already racing to develop shots against Omicron. Whether the new variant will resist current vaccines is unknown, but companies like Moderna and Pfizer say they're already at work on new versions if the need arises. Read more

FDA says Merck COVID pill is effective. The latest data shows that molnupiravir reduces the odds for hospitalization and death by 30%, less than the 50% previously reported. But the agency also noted potential risks, most especially during pregnancy.Read more

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