Health Highlights: March 25, 2022

Health experts support end to masks, tests for air travel. Earlier this week, major airlines asked the Biden Administration to end U.S. rules for COVID protections on planes. Experts on COVID transmission and control agree the time has come to ease restrictions for passengers. Read more

Mental decline can follow a heart attack for survivors. A new study finds that in the six months after an attack, 50% of patients experienced some decline in thinking, memory and ability to perform basic tasks. Read more

Artificial sweeteners tied to higher cancer risk. In a study of 100,000 adults, those with the highest intake of artificial sweeteners were 13% more likely than non-consumers to be diagnosed with cancer.Read more

Tuberculosis cases declined during pandemic. A new study showed TB case numbers falling, but it's not clear whether or not poorer detection and reporting might be behind the change.Read more

FDA authorizes more e-cigarette products. The agency authorized several tobacco-flavored products from Logic Technology Development LLC, but it rejected some other products from the company and has yet to make a decision on others.Read more

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