Health Highlights: Oct. 17, 2022​

Pregnancy may have women cutting back on smoking even before they know they've conceived. Research suggests there may be biological mechanisms that reduce the craving for nicotine. Read more

Is exercise getting tougher for you? Long COVID may be to blame. In a new study study, 3 months after having COVID-19, people's capacity for exercise equaled that of someone 10 years older.Read more

New Omicron variants are gaining ground in the United States. BQ.1 and a descendant called BQ.1.1 now comprise over 10% of new infections, experts say, but the latest bivalent booster shot should still offer protection. Read more

After visiting an ER for mental health issues, too few young people get follow-up care. Researchers found less than half -- just 46% -- received necessary care within a month of their emergency treatment. Read more

Counting daily steps? Here's how many you need to get healthier. A new study pinpoints the rough number you need to help stave off conditions like obesity, high blood pressure, diabetes, sleep apnea, acid reflux and clinical depression. Read more

Major trial of monkeypox treatment to launch in Africa. Experts note that the antiviral, TPOXX, has so far only been proven to work in smallpox. The new trial could prove its effectiveness against monkeypox. Read more

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