Health Highlights: Oct. 18, 2022​

Over 1 million Americans ration insulin due to high cost. Many people delayed picking up their prescription, while others took lower doses than they needed, researchers found. Read more

Along Eastern Seaboard, hurricanes getting bigger, wetter. Fast-building storms like Hurricane Ian outpace the best forecasting skills. Along with more quickly intensifying storms, there will be a heightened risk of flooding, experts say. Read more

Some donor livers could work for 100 years. Understanding what makes certain livers so resilient could help improve the donor pool by paving the way for expanded use of livers from older donors, scientists say. Read more

Surge seen in cases of flesh-eating bacteria after Hurricane Ian. Flooding and warm standing water can transmit Vibrio vulnificus, and cases are rising in the storm's aftermath, Florida health officials say. Read more

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