Health Highlights: Oct. 27, 2022​

Deadly aneurysm-linked strokes are on the rise. Subarachnoid hemorrhage strokes happen when there is bleeding in the space between the brain and the membrane that covers it. It is often caused by an aneurysm. New research shows Black Americans are disproportionately affected. Read more

Your cat wants to talk with you, and only you. Investigators concluded that cats can respond to the words of a human being, with two big caveats — that human must be the cat's owner and that owner must be speaking directly to their cat, rather than to another human. Read more

Black Americans less likely to receive lifesaving CPR. When someone collapses in front of witnesses, the chances of receiving potentially lifesaving CPR may partly depend on the color of their skin, a new study suggests. Read more

Severe monkeypox cases more likely in people with HIV. While about 5% to 10% of monkeypox patients are admitted to the hospital, those with untreated HIV are more likely to be hospitalized, a new report finds. Read more

Cutting carbs could cut your odds for diabetes. People with prediabetes may want to try low-carb diets to help prevent progression to full-blown disease, new research shows. Read more

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