Health Highlights: Nov. 9, 2022​

Leg artery disease can lead to amputation, but one surgery is best at preventing it. For many patients, bypass surgery is a better bet than minimally invasive endovascular therapy, new research revealed. Read more

More U.S. teens are getting heavily addicted to vaping. Over 10% of teens now say they vape within 5 minutes of waking up in the morning, a new study has found. Read more

There's 'healthier,' PFAS-free furniture for your office. Concentrations of the 'forever chemicals' in office dust were 66% lower in the 12 rooms containing furniture made with healthier materials, a new study found. Read more

Nearly half of Americans are now sleep-deprived. An analysis of sleep data on over 9,000 Americans age 20 and older found almost 30% had trouble falling or staying asleep and about 27% were very sleepy during the day. Read more

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